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Build Stronger Relationships
99% Open and Read Rates
Simple. Sincere. Powerful.
At PostPigeon, we believe in taking a step back to the core values of communication. In today's digital age with packed inboxes and unlimited distraction, it has become increasingly difficult to truly reach people.

We harness the power of personalized handwritten letters and cards to help our clients break through the digital clutter and reach their prospects and customers in a personal, unique and genuine way.

PostPigeon makes delivering personalized handwritten mail as easy as sending an email. You provide the stationery design, message and recipient list and our team takes care of the rest.
Quality Check
Quality Check
Perfectly Imperfect
No fonts, printers or computers. All our letters, cards, and envelopes are 100% handwritten by our team of Canadian writers. Writing by hand is one of the most expressive and personal ways to communicate. Your customers will be able to see and feel that you have put the time and effort to reach them with a personal touch.

With PostPigeon you can send from 50 to 50,000+ handwritten cards or letters as easily as email or direct mail, but with much better results! Get in touch with our team to see how we can help you grow your business with a truly personal handwritten campaign.

PostPigeon offers a variety of handwritten and personalized printed products to meet our clients' needs and budgets. We also frequently work with our clients to create custom products (handwritten letters in wine bottles, handwritten message on the first page of a book). Have a specific idea? Let us know and we will develop exactly what you have in mind.

Delivering an exceptional customer experience is everything. Combining PostPigeon’s handwritten letters with our customer loyalty program delivers a WOW factor to customers and prospects that sets us apart from our competition.

Tim Reid - Customer Success Manager @ Alpha Printing

We used PostPigeon's handwritten cards to promote our 2017 course program to existing students and recent graduates. Their service was excellent and all it took was a quick phone call and a couple emails to send 1,500 handwritten cards. We are blown away by the results: 800% ROI within 2 weeks.

Mike Katsevman - CEO @ PREP Formula 

We sporadically sent handwritten cards to stay in touch with our customers, but have never been able to find the time to do it consistently. PostPigeon helped us develop and execute a handwritten mail strategy that has already produced 3 referrals in our first campaign. We highly recommend their service!

Sarah Rydell - Marketing Manager @ Ascent Real Estate

PostPigeon provides a unique solution and excellent, detailed customer service. I use them to send handwritten thank you notes and small gifts to high value new customers or prospects and it has proven to be a big delighter and driver of word-of-mouth.

Corrine King - Designer @ The Engagement Ring Studio

I was really quite surprised at how effective PostPigeon's letters were for us. We used hand written letters  to follow up with trade show leads and got a great response. We are planning to integrate handwritten messages into our sales funnel and will be working with PostPigeon to make this happen.

Hans Voorn - Marketing Director @ BMZ Consulting

We had contemplated sending holiday cards to our clients for years but always decided against it because of the time it would take to write all of them by hand. This year we decided to try PostPigeon's handwritten card service and it turned a week of work into one email. We sent our logo and our list and PostPigeon took care of everything. It was super easy and our clients loved the personal touch.

Charles Fitzsimmons - Owner @ Eclipse Performance

Whether you're a fortune 500 company, start-up or charity, handwritten mail can be the difference between not being read and acquiring a super fan. Handwritten letters and cards enable you to engage your customers and prospects in a meaningful, personal way that will deliver results.
Saying Sorry
There comes a time for every company to apologize. Say sorry in a meaningful way.
Customer Engagement
Ask for reviews and referrals in a thoughtful way.
Promote new listings, sale statistics or congratulate your clients to build relationships.
Send a handwritten card thanking customers who buy your product online.
Handwritten Marketing
Ask for donations in a personal way.
Moving Companies
Congratulate your clients once they have moved into their new home.
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