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Handwritten Cards
Delight your customers with personalized handwritten mail
handwritten marketing
Handwritten Cards
We believe in taking a step back to the core values of communication. In today's digital age with packed inboxes and unlimited distraction, it has become increasingly difficult to truly reach people. We harness the power of personalized handwritten cards to help our clients break through the digital clutter and reach their prospects and customers in a personal, unique and genuine way.

Handwritten post enjoys a 99% open and read rate; human curiosity makes it practically impossible for recipients to not open the envelope and see what is inside. On average, Canadians receive 2 hand-addressed envelopes in their mailbox every year.

Take advantage of the unique opportunity to delight your customer and get their undivided attention to ensure your message is opened and read. Handwritten cards are one of the most expressive and personal ways to communicate. Your customers will be able to see and feel that you have put the time and effort to reach them with a personal touch.

How It Works
PostPigeon makes sending personalized handwritten cards as easy as sending emails. We provide a turnkey service; you provide the message and recipient list and we take care of the rest including:

- Stationery (Postcards or Greeting cards)

- Handwriting: our envelopes and cards are 100% handwritten by our team of Canadian writers, we don't use robots or fonts!

- Quality control: every card get reviewed by 3 sets of eyes to ensure grammar, spelling and style.

- We take photos of the finished cards and send them to our clients to give them the opportunity to review and approve the cards before we send them out.

- Packing the cards into the envelopes, affixing stamps and dropping them off at the post office.

Our clients use our handwritten cards for a wide variety of campaigns including thank you cards, birthday cards, holiday cards and sales cards. Click on the link below to view campaign examples.

Get Started Today
Join hundreds of companies who take advantage of the 99% handwritten post open and read rate to reach their customers in a personal, unique and genuine way.

Our handwritten card pricing varies by the length of the handwritten message and the size of the campaign. The price per card typically ranges between $3 and $6, visit our pricing page to review the detailed pricing information and request a quote.

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