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Handwritten Envelopes & Printed Cards
The most cost-effective way to take advantage of the 99% open and read rate
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Handwritten Envelopes & Personalized Printed Cards
Sending printed cards in hand-addressed envelopes is the most cost-effective way to take advantage of the handwritten post 99% open and read rates.

We utilize variable printing technology to enable our clients to print personalized postcards. Similar to our handwritten cards, the text on the printed postcard can be personalized with the recipients' name, keywords and special offers. The personalized printed postcards enable our clients to lower the cost of the campaign without losing the personal touch.

We can also send printed letters, flyers and greeting cards in hand-addressed envelopes.

How It Works
PostPigeon makes sending personalized handwritten cards as easy as sending emails. We provide a turnkey service; you provide the message and recipient list and we take care of the rest including:

- Stationery (Postcards, greeting cards, letters or flyers)

- Handwriting: our envelopes are 100% handwritten by our team of Canadian writers, we don't use robots or fonts!

- Quality control: every envelope gets reviewed by 3 sets of eyes to ensure correct grammar, spelling and style.

- Packing the cards into the envelopes, affixing stamps and dropping them off at the post office.

Our clients use our hand addressed envelopes for a wide variety of campaigns including thank you cards, birthday cards, holiday cards and sales cards. Click on the link below to view examples and learn more about campaigns.

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