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How To Use The New Canadian Real Estate Housing Data For Your Business

How to Use the New Canadian Real Estate Housing Data for Your Business

Businesses and the economy have historically benefited from people buying and selling their homes. Some more directly, such as real estate agents and mortgage brokers, and some less obviously such as painters, moving companies and contractors.

As of August 23, 2018, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled not to hear an appeal from the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB). This appeal aimed at keeping board members from publishing home sales data. This marks the end of a long standing legal campaign on whether or not the public should have online access to information on housing trends, property prices and sales histories. Beginning in 2011, the Competition Bureau challenged TREB’s policy preventing the release of this information on the grounds that it prevents competition and digital innovation.

The Competition Bureau stated in a news release that, “Today’s decision will allow greater competition and innovation in the real estate services market in the Greater Toronto Area, and concludes seven years of litigation in the bureau’s case against TREB” (, 2018).

This is great news for buyers, sellers and businesses as TREB members will now be allowed to post historical listings and sale prices through their online platforms.

With this new influx of real estate information, how can your company benefit?

The new public real estate housing market data will enable you to access information on which houses are selling in your area, when and for how much. Depending on your business, this is valuable data for finding new customers.

Moving Companies

If you are a moving company, knowing when a house sells in your area gives you an immediate advantage over your competition. Reach out with a Congratulations card and provide information or even a discount for your services.

Home & Car Insurance

When someone buys a new home it is often a prime time during which they re-assess their insurance costs and research new companies. Maybe they are switching from renters to home insurance, or maybe they need a new vehicle for their suburban move. Providing information and offers from your company gives you an ‘in’ before they move and the decision is made.

Painters & Contractors

Buying a home in the GTA often means buying with no conditions. With many homes in less than stellar condition, new home owners often want to start with a few renovations to make their new homes comfortable. Send a card at the time of closing to make the introduction and offer your services.

Internet & Television Companies

With many new options for cheaper, better cable and internet it pays to get the word out in a neighbourhood where your product is accessible. Moving is a primary time when people change TV or internet providers. Capture the customer before they’ve signed a contract or installed a service.

How can I use real estate data to attract customers and drive sales with direct mail?

With the new access to housing prices, sale dates and real estate information, there are a multitude of ways your company can use direct mail to target customers and increase sales.

  1. Use personalized printed postcards to reach potential customers in a personal yet cost effective way.
  2. Send a printed postcard in a hand-addressed envelope. Hand-addressed envelopes have 99% open rates so this will ensure your card gets noticed and read.
  3. Send a handwritten card congratulating the potential customer on their sale or purchase and offer your services in a thoughtful and unique way. Handwritten cards are the most genuine way to communicate by mail and will make your company stand out.

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