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Personalized Printed Postcards
Surprise your customers with personalized cards in their snail mail box
Personalized Printed Postcards
Are you having a hard time getting your customers attention? Stop competing for their attention in their email inbox and try reaching them through snail mail with personalized direct mail instead.

We utilize variable printing technology to enable our clients to print personalized postcards. Similar to our handwritten cards, the text on the printed postcard can be personalized with the recipient's name, keywords and special offers. The personalized printed postcards enable our clients to lower the cost of the campaign without losing the personal touch.

We print the personalized message and address right onto the postcard and send it to the recipient by Canada Post snail mail.

How It Works
PostPigeon makes sending personalized direct mail as easy as sending emails. We provide a turnkey service; our clients send us the stationery design and recipient list and we take care of the rest including:

- Ordering custom postcards with personalized message and address.

- Affixing stamps onto the postcards.

- Sending the cards to the recipients with Canada Post.

Our clients use our personalized printed postcards for a wide variety of campaigns including thank you cards, birthday cards, holiday cards and sales cards. Click on the link below to view examples and learn more about campaigns.

Get Started Today
Our personalized printed postcard pricing varies by the size of the campaign. The price per card typically ranges between $1.50 and $4. Visit our pricing page to review the detailed pricing information and request a quote.
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