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The Realtor’s Guide to Handwritten Marketing

As we all know, the Canadian real estate market is red hot and realtors are experiencing their most successful years in recent history.

This huge earning potential has significantly increased competition. In the greater Toronto area alone there are 48,000+ licensed real estate professionals and a recent study shows that just 35 percent of them have active listings.

So, what do you do if you are not part of that top 20 percent who are ultra successful? Realtors generally understand that building great relationships, staying in touch regularly and driving referrals are the keys to success. But how do you do this? Competition is fierce, clients are hard to reach and you don’t want to take the risk of spending an arm and leg on paid advertising without a guaranteed return on investment.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you having a hard time reaching clients and getting their attention?
  • Do you find it difficult to build lasting relationships with clients?
  • Are you having a hard time using your client base to drive referrals?
  • Do you want to drive more leads and close new clients?
  • Are you having a hard time getting a positive return on investment on your paid marketing campaigns?

Would you like to learn more about:

  • How to stand out in this ultra competitive market?
  • Ways to truly reach and connect with clients?
  • How to use your existing client base to drive referrals?

If you answered yes to any of these questions keep reading; handwritten marketing is the perfect solution!

Successful realtors invest in relationships. Relationships are the key to driving referrals and signing new clients.

In today’s digital age with packed inboxes and unlimited online distraction it has become increasingly difficult for realtors to truly reach their clients. Sending email newsletters, flyers and the occasional personal email are not enough to build and grow relationships. Email open and click through rates are low. Calling your clients on a regular basis is too intrusive and has the potential to hurt your relationship. So now what?

What if we told you there is a way to reach your clients in a non-intrusive, unique, personal and genuine way? That’s right: Handwritten letters and cards! Written by hand (no printers or fonts), in a hand-addressed envelope with a stamp sent via snail mail! We know it is old school and time consuming, but oh-boy does it work:

  • 99% open and read rate – when is the last time you didn’t open a hand-addressed envelope?
  • Your clients will be able to see and feel that you have put in the extra time and effort to reach them with a personal touch.
  • It will create a meaningful memory – receiving handwritten post is rare these days.
  • Handwritten letters and cards are the most personal way to communicate other than meeting in person.
  • Very few realtors use handwritten marketing, so you will stand out!

Sounds interesting right? If you are looking for a low risk, low investment strategy to grow your business you should give handwritten marketing a try. To help you get started we have created a guide with example campaigns that you can copy and use to start maintaining your client relationships and driving referrals today!


The Handwritten Marketing How-To Guide for Realtors

Campaign Type #1: Maintaining Relationships/Winning Referrals

So you helped your client purchase a home: Congratulations! You (hopefully) made a nice commission and helped your client find his or her dream home. Time to wish them luck in life and move on to the next client? No way! You were a huge factor in your client making one of the biggest purchases of their life. You developed a personal relationship with them along the way, and now it is time for you to invest in maintaining your relationship.


Finding a reliable, trustworthy and knowledgeable realtor is difficult. There are thousands of realtors to choose from, and no easy way to check reviews. The easiest way for new customers to find a good realtor is asking their family, friends and colleagues for referrals. This is where you can strike gold! One client who loved their experience and values your relationship can drive multiple referrals.

Referrals are a personal thing so you must ask for one in a personal way. The best way to show that you care is not with an email – but with a handwritten card. Handwritten letters and cards show that you cared enough to put time and effort into your communication.

Here is an example of a handwritten card you should be sending 1-3 months after the closing date to all your clients:

Hi John & Leslie,

Congratulations again on buying your first home! It was an absolute pleasure helping you through the process. I hope your move went smoothly and that you are enjoying your new house and neighborhood.

Winter is always a slow time for me so if you know anyone else who is looking into buying or selling please feel free to pass along my contact information, I am happy to help!

Best wishes,

Amy Striker

Repeat Business

In today’s real estate climate, repeat customers are much more likely than a one-time buyer. Your customer might want to keep their condo on as an investment when it’s time to upsize; they may want to purchase a cottage on Lake Muskoka for the beautiful Canadian summers; or they will have a significant rise in property value over the next year and want to sell. Maintaining your relationship with happy customers will lead to multiple revenue opportunities.

Here is an example of a handwritten card you should be sending 1-2 years after the closing date to all your clients:

Hi John & Leslie,

I hope all is well and you’ve been enjoying your new home this past year. I just wanted to check in and let you know that I’m thinking about you! It was a pleasure helping you purchase your home and I hope you keep me in mind if you ever decide to move again in the future.

Best wishes,

Amy Striker


Campaign Type #2: Prospecting New Clients

New realtors starting out may not have a large client base right in the beginning to drive referrals. In this case, sending highly targeted prospecting letters is a great way to catch people who have not started working yet with a realtor.

Send this letter to residents in a condo building or neighbourhood in which you have sold a property:

Hi [Name],

My name is Amy and I recently helped one of your neighbors sell their condo in (building name). It was on the market for just 4 days and sold for 15% over asking! Your building is in very high demand and the supply of units is low.

If you are considering selling your place I would love to help!

Kind regards,

Amy Striker


For rental buildings you can use the following letter:

Hi [Name],

If you ever decide to go condo shopping in Toronto I’d love to help! I am a realtor with 4 years of experience specializing in both the midtown and downtown areas. I’m available day or night – I don’t sleep, eat or take vacations – all important realtor traits in the current market.

I can be reached at 416-444-4444.


Amy Striker


If you would like any further tips for creating a successful handwritten marketing campaign we would love to help! Check out the rest of our website and feel free to email or call.

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