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Send Holiday Cards To Brand Your Business And Show Customer Appreciation

Send Holiday Cards to Brand Your Business and Show Customer Appreciation

Holiday cards are a great way to build your brand image while at the same time showing your customers that you appreciate their business. These can be sent out around Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years or another special occasion and by using handwritten cards or personalized printed post each card can be individualized for the recipient. By personalizing each card you can show gratitude in a unique and genuine way and at the same time stay top of mind.

Use Business Holiday Cards to:

  • Brand Your Business: Use a group photo, your logo, slogan and business name. Show what makes you special and unique as a company.
  • Market Your Services: Holiday cards are a great way to remind customers what your prime services are and offer a deal.
  • Generate Positivity: Engage your customers in a non-salesy way to grow your image.
  • Show Appreciation: Say thank you in a meaningful way. Customers who feel appreciated are 50 percent more likely to stay loyal customers and refer new business.
  • Be heard: Direct mail that is personalized or handwritten gets your customer’s attention in a way that email campaigns cannot compete with. Handwritten envelopes in particular have a 99 percent open and read rate.
  • Send a Gift: Send a gift to your best customers. Gifts could include special offers, books or anything that can be sent by post.

Check out different products you can use to send personalized holiday cards here.

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