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Handwritten Thank You Cards
Show your customers appreciation for their business
handwritten marketing
Delight Your Clients
Delight your customers with a thank you card after a purchase, on an anniversary or special occasion. Letting them know you appreciate their business with a personalized card will put a smile on their face and make them feel special.

In today's digital age with packed in boxes and unlimited distraction, it has become increasingly difficult for businesses to reach their customers. Handwritten mail enjoys a 99% open and read rate; human curiosity makes it practically impossible for recipients to not open the envelope and see what is inside.

We send thousands of automated thank you cards on behalf of our clients every month. Discover how you can take advantage of our turnkey service to develop a stronger brand image, stay top of mind and drive repeat and referral business.

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How It Works
PostPigeon takes the hassle out of sending thank you cards. We provide a turnkey service; you provide us with the message and recipient data and our team takes care of the rest.

Our clients typically provide the recipient data on a weekly basis by email. We start production as soon as we receive the data and send the cards directly to your customers when they are done.

Our thank you card service helps clients build stronger customer relationships, increase retention and referral rates and drive revenue growth. One of our clients, a large b2b service provider, uses our handwritten thank you card service to thank new customers for their first order, and provide them with a small discount for their next order. Together we build a scalable, measurable campaign that delights their customers and has increased the percentage of customers that places their second order within 2 months with 60%.

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